Intranet Applications

Livws is a professional developer in intranet applications by using internet protocol methods which shares the information in an organization or used for network sharing. It is mainly used as an internal communication tool and also to host private websites, which sets goals and functions of an organization as well as planning and creation.

Our Experienced experts design the customized application that fits your organization requirements. Intra net applications are very useful in small and large scale industries in order to maintain online leave application and file transfers, current news and bulletin board.

These intra net applications are customized even with simple languages and programs depending upon the client requirements.

With the use of intranet applications, apart from communications even have bunch of benefits such as minimizes the time manages its operation and cost effective and any enhancement reports.

Our professional team takes the requirements and then customizes and later asks for the client review for any further enhancements, thus final derived design is shaped as product, and delivered. Maintenance will be provided for the clients for issues in the application.

Intranet applications are used many industries especially such as BANKS and IT and ITES we use take intensive care giving effective design and layouts .Both of our designing team and developing team will strive for the best product out come in production.

since these application are performed with the area there speed in calculation is enormous when compared to internet applications even though they exchange large amount of electronic data exchange and certain preventive measures have been taken in the view of security such as data encryption and firewalls . hence our intranet applications are modular strong enough to fulfill your desired requirements.

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