SEO Services

Livws is an SEO company in India offering its SEO services for your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in website promotion services. Search engine promotion is the process making your site friendliness as per the Search Engines ranking in retrieving.

SEO services helps in improving the rank of the site in famous search engines such as Google, msn, ask, Bing yahoo etc. By search engine optimizations we increase page rank which will give the targeted business to the clients which is a powerful internet promotion.

Livws, SEO services are affordable when compared with others and we are expertise in web design & web development and graphic design.

We promote your site even by giving related key word submissions online and offline too These keywords are analyzed by competitive analysis which will improve the page ranking of website.

Our SEO services provide onsite optimization and offsite optimization which makes website to list page ranking on top for longer time, which results in local listing apart from these we offer social media optimization, article submission & press release submission services.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is type of media which use to bring exclusive customers to the website. In these we need fallow approaches such as direct and in indirect .in direct we need use social news and RSS feed and community images and videos and where as in direct way we need to write in blogs and participate in group discussions .

On making use of social media optimization we can get the clients directly where as keeping in touch with social community web site will improve the relation ship with clients as well as they can know any new updates in your company.

Article Submission

Article submission is one way getting new links to your website. Article submission promotes the web site in much less cost when compared to other services such as pay per click .

By article submission you can achieve the targeted business which also generates an interesting content in your website.

Press Release Submission

Press release submission is the one of the best way in order get the site more popular and visited by all online marketers and advertisers which best approach to reach.

On doing press release submission we can achieve online media and print media. Press release submission make website trust worthy website in this web world.